Advanced Principles of Feng Shui

Advanced Principles of Feng Shui: Practitioner Certification Program

Our practitioner certification program is taught onsite over the period of five days or two weekends. It addresses various advanced principles of feng shui, ceremony, space clearing, and astrologies related to one's home and work environments as well as your own personal temple. The program also includes an onsite group consultation or practicum. We provide a comprehensive workbook that supplements what we cover in class, serving as an excellent resource and training manual.

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Session Includes:

  • The Electromagnetic Environment
  • Four Pillars – Chinese Astrology
  • Nine Star Ki Astrology
  • Blessing Ceremonies
  • Tracing the Nine Stars
  • 16 Ways to Nourish Your Chi
  • Personal Clearing Practices
  • Advanced Feng Shui Cures
  • Space Clearing Practices
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Onsite Consultation & Overview
  • Graduation Ceremony

During the Practitioner program, we explore the mystery and magic of invisible, energetic realms and their impact on your life, health and practice. We will practice simple and powerful techniques to clear and strengthen one's personal energy fields. We also teach and practice clearing space of negative imprints and predecessor energy. Learning how to charge or energize objects and conducting blessing ceremonies are a special focus.

The Electromagnetic Environment and Safety Tips for Practitioners

The electromagnetic environment is complex. We present the most important topics you need to know as a feng shui practitioner and teach you how you can help each client create a sleeping sanctuary to optimize health and well-being.

The Impact of EMF's on Health

More and more information and scientific studies are linking anxiety, stress and much more to the proximity of common appliances, gadgets and tools in our living and working environments. Learn how electric fields, magnetic fields, and high frequency and dirty electricity contribute to health problems and what you can do about it. You will also learn how high frequency fields associated with wireless systems, mobile phones and cell phones can be lowered for deeper sleep. This is an essential topic for all feng shui practitioners and anyone designing exterior and interior spaces!

Four Pillar Astrology: Your 10-Year Luck Cycles

This amazing Chinese system of astrology is rooted in the Five Elements. Knowing one's time, date and place of birth you will learn to identify what is needed to bring balance to one's life during any given time. Our Four Pillars webinars deepen your knowledge of the Five Element theory and help you to apply it to people's lives. Working from prepared charts, you will learn how to identify periods of good fortune, when everything seems to magically fall into place as well as times when some assistance is required to bring balance to areas such as work, health, relationships, resources and friends.

Introduction to 9 Star Ki Astrology

Students will also learn about the elemental nature of people through the Japanese system of Nine Star Ki astrology. Knowing your nature and that of your clients can be a big help in forming good first impressions and understanding some of the patterns of personalities and relationships.

Tracing the Nine Stars

The Nine Stars are a basic building block of feng shui. They are found in the different traditions and they are the root of many cures and adjustments. Students will trace the Nine Stars around the bagua map. Once you understand the pattern and imprint it into your knowledge base, you will have a deeper well to see patterns and draw solutions.

Personal Clearing and Space Clearing Practices

Feng shui at its core is an energetic practice. Your body radar is turned on to tune into the energy frequencies of your client and their property. Often in the beginning, before your core energy is strong, you may take on the energies of your client and their homes. It is critical to be able to detect any energetic imbalances that may occur within you and then know how to clear them. Tried and true personal clearing methods will be taught and practiced. Space Clearing will be done during the Onsite Consultation.

Chi Development and Personal Protection Methods

We will teach 16 ways to nourish your chi and encourage a daily practice. We will also teach the Supreme Yoga I and II meditations. These are both valuable and powerful meditations for enhancing your personal chi. Ongoing chi development deepens your attunement with the spiritual nature of feng shui. The other side of chi development is personal protection of your own energy as you work with others. We cover this in depth.

Advanced Cure Methods

Once you implement mundane cures and adjustments, you will want to master the transcendental cures and ceremonies that are the foundation and spirit of the Black Sect tradition of feng shui. Strengthening your alignment with Source and your own chi, having a sincere heart and focusing your intent are keys to successful transcendental cures. Learn the ancient traditions of using rice, liquor and cinnabar mixtures or transcendental cures and become familiar with modern day substitutes.

Space Clearing Methods and Tools

In your feng shui practice, you may find many homes that could use an "energetic vacuum" to clear and lighten the space of lower vibrations and unwanted frequencies of illness, death, anger, violence, to mention a few. Tried and true space clearing methods will be presented, along with an explanation of the tools needed for such work.

Creating Sacred Space, Altars and Blessing Ceremonies

What is sacred space - both in environments and within you? When does a space or a collection of objects move from the mundane into the mystical? How do you personally move from our three dimensional reality into your deeper spiritual and sacred attunement with Oneness? Through various methods, we will take our ordinary classroom and move it towards its spiritual capacity as a temple. You will learn how the interior blessing ceremony cleanses the energies of the room and raises its chi. Students will help setup an altar as we discuss the various purposes for altars, how to care for them and what objects can be used for enhancement. Transcendental cures for making an object sacred will be shared and demonstrated.

Onsite Space Clearing

Our onsite practicum is a Space Clearing and an EMF screening and evaluation of a private home or business. This is an opportunity to put advanced knowledge into practice. Hands-on experience in our group setting is invaluable and fun.

At the end of the Practitioner Program, participants receive a Practitioner Certification in Feng Shui Studies. Students will have completed four case studies (Nine Star Ki astrology analysis, Four Pillars astrology analysis, and two space clearings).

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